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Rules Survey Results

Hi All the results are listed below. 18 owners voted.

Which type of rules do you want to see instituted in Ripken Jr?

Minimum Win Rule
Budget Limits
Trade Limits
No Rules
Total Respondents: 18

group of 5 owners to decide on all above issues if an owner asks them to do so.
8/27/2013 9:21 PM View respondent's answers
Not in favor but could live with a MWR
8/27/2013 5:19 PM View respondent's answers
I'd love to see a cap on maximum amounts transferred into prospects budget, but I know I'm a lone wolf.
8/23/2013 9:30 AM View respondent's answers

If a minimum wins rule is put into effect, how many seasons should be totaled?


What (if any) budgets should be capped by rules?

Total Respondents: 7
8/27/2013 9:21 PM View respondent's answers
I don't think their should be caps
8/27/2013 5:19 PM View respondent's answers
8/22/2013 11:22 PM View respondent's answers

Should there be a salary cap floor? i.e. a minimum amount that must be spent on players.


If there was a salary cap floor, what should it be set at?

Minimum: 0
Average: 29.72
Maximum: 100

What should the maximum prospect budget be? (leave blank for no max)

Skipped by 12, answered by 6.

20 million
8/24/2013 1:24 PM View respondent's answers
8/23/2013 5:01 PM View respondent's answers
8/23/2013 4:07 PM View respondent's answers
8/23/2013 1:52 PM View respondent's answers
8/23/2013 11:15 AM View respondent's answers
$30 mil
8/23/2013 9:30 AM View respondent's answers

What should the minimum amount of wins be per year? i.e. if you think 150 over 3 years please use 50. Use 0 for no minimum.

Min: 0 (1 Vote)
Average: 51.61
Max: 65 (1 Vote)

Should there be a one year grace period for owners that haven't played a season before?


How many members should be a part of the committee tasked with reviewing players breaking the rules? Please use 0 for no committee.

0: 3
3: 6
5: 8
7: 1

Thursday, August 22, 2013

RJ Rules Survey

Hi All - Please take a moment to fill out the survey below. This will assist in deciding on which rules should be purposed.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

LA at it again

Well it didn't take long for LA GM zhawks to completely re-engineer the clubs entire ML lineup and re-stock the teams farm system.

To be fair, he did have a few good pieces to start with, although nobody seemed to be slotted at the right position. At first it appeared the club had a plethora of 2b prospects, but after further examination it actually was one of the farm systems biggest weaknesses.

The club had two key prospects, both listed at second, Bernie Monroe (now in LF) and Mitchell Duncan (now at 3b). 1b Steven Hackman was also already in the farm system, as last years 22nd pick out of Portage High School in Portage, WI.

"We're looking to contend for a playoff spot 3 years from now," zhawks confirmed recently before a spring training game. At this point there were swirling rumors that the clubs trade of SS Rich Swann, which was reported prior to spring training, had completely fallen through due to SS Max Velazquez, who was included in that deal with the Austin Stunners was not protected from the Rule 5 draft where he was selected. However, after quite a bit of back and forth flytekk and zhawks were able to strike a deal that was agreeable to both sides. Flytekk ended up acquiring RP Yorvit Johnson late in the process, agreeing to pay part of his salary, something that was a major contention point in completing this deal the second time around.

The 3 year plan may still be be in effect, but it's likely to be a bit longer than that.

"We're really happy we got the deal done," zhawks said," adding Chacin Oliva gives us a solid middle of the rotation lefty for the future."

P David Moss was also included in the deal, his stamina has been his downfall since he was playing ball at East Carter County High School, but zhawks said he thinks they can get him in as a spot starter and relief pitcher, and that he could be a valuable asset in the postseason.

Haywood Cora was also included in the deal, he isn't an every day player but has the potential to be a good power hitter behind the plate.

Overall the club continued to get younger, which has been most important to zhawks.

"We've got some great key pieces and we've added quite a few more."

None may be bigger than 2b Zeus Hodges who the club just agreed to a deal with the Dover Devils to acquire. Hodges isn't a great defender and zhawks hopes he can develop well enough to stay at 2b (which isn't a given), but he brings the speed and base running ability that zhawks desires and lacked with any of his current prospects.

They also received CF Chirinos Lucano, another threat on the base paths.

To make this trade work, zhawks had to convince second all-time saves leader Danny Brinkley to go to a club where he might not be the closer, and might not be able to set the record. Brinkley got many of his saves when he played for zhawks ran Wichita Black Lightning.

"It wasn't easy," zhawks said," but Brink realized he wanted to win, and let's face it, he wasn't going to be doing that here, hell he'd be lucky to get the 29 saves he needs with us being our closer."

Brink goes to a Devils team that has revamped quite a bit late this spring. He goes with teammates RF John Hayes, who will likely be asked to play a lot of 1b for the Devils and 1b Yusmeiro Mercedes. The trade filled the hole at 1b that Dover had and the club was already full of 2b prospects, having Kevin Hubbard and Jin Ho Shibata to go along with Hodges.

LA also got SP Walter Halter, while he is an end of the rotation starter, he will likely end up being near the top of the rotation for LA this year, filling a big whole that the club still has.

"We like where this trade gets us," zhawks said," we're really in a good position at third and second now. We're lacking the SP depth in our system that we'd like, but we have quite a few picks this year and it's likely we'll be near the top of the draft next year to help fill that hole."

Let the clock start ticking: 3 years and counting...

Friday, October 12, 2012

AL Predictions

The biggest move of the Winter came from the defending AL Champs. The Montreal Mounties went out and signed future first ballot Hall of Famer Pat Politte to what some believed to be a massive contract, paying him much after he might be useful, but we'll stop there as the decision has been beaten to death over the last few weeks.

The club hopes that he can team up with SPs Luis Cervantes and Corban Walters and lead the team to it's 1st World Series Victory.

The American League was not nearly as active on the Trade front as the National League was. However, the Colorado Wildcats did make quite a few salary moving deals.

So once again - let's get to some uneducated predictions!

  1. Montreal Mounties
  2. Cincinnati Red Sox
  3. Milwaukee Mustangs
  4. Augusta Lobster Boilers

  1. Wichita Black Lightning
  2. Cleveland Conservatives
  3. Chicago Cubs
  4. Iowa City Aggies

  1. Charleston Creasy Bear
  2. Tampa Bay terrors
  3. Jacksonville Dolphins
  4. Florida Yellow Jackets

  1. St. Louis Red Birds
  2. Kansas City Royals
  3. Colorado Wildcats
  4. Scottsdale Tif Eagles

NL Predictions

While the Winter Meetings came and went quicker than any of the GMs could imagine, that says nothing for how fast Spring Training was upon us and how quickly it's progressed. Some GMs are using this time to decide who they might want to bring up, Rumors have it that GM chet1212 has been closely monitoring many of his prospects to see who deserves to be called up this season to the Dover Devils. However, he has been quite moot on mentioning who or when. When asked during the second week of Spring Training his only comment was "Isn't that what any GM would be doing right now?"

Other managers are using the time to continue to wheel and deal, the Austin Stunners and GM flytekk seem destined to set the record for most trades in a season and maybe even most players on an ML roster in one season.

The opposite has been going on in LA where the Los Angeles Tempermental Samurai continue to slash salary and offer up any ML players that don't make the minimum. (ok maybe those guys too).

So what should we expect to see this season? After the flurry of moves and the complete 180's by many clubs no one is certain, but here's one very uneducated guess!





New York Mets Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month Early

I had to share this message from Google:

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Offseason Recap

The biggest name on the market this year was also likely one of the most controversial.

What is 39 year old Ace Pat Politte worth? How many years does he have left in the tank? And most importantly, does he put your club into the World Series? Because than it's worth it.

Those are the questions GM davecallahan had to answer, stating "I didn't think Pat was a bad signing. 13 mil for 5 years but I've got a team option for year 5, so it's really 13.75 for the next 4 years for a guy who's won the Cy Young award the last 2 years."

While some may disagree on the price tag, nobody would argue the fact that adding Politte increases the Montreal Mounties chances of playing in the World Series this year, and winning there would make it all a moot point.

Another 39 year old starter was on the market, Doc Hunter. While Doc isn't nearly as accomplished as Politte, he is one of the 200 win club members. Hunter received much less interest than Pollite, he did receive a $15 million 2 year deal - with a mutual $8 million option for next season with the Kansas City Royals. The signing the Royals are more excited about is starter Vasco Santana, he received a $52 million, 5 year deal with a mutual option for the final $12 million on the contract and a no trade clause. The Royals hope that Santana and Hunter can help stabilize their rotation and get them back to the playoffs.

The Austin Stunners had a complete change of gear this offseason, spurred by GM flytekk's announcement that, "So i tried to trade the 25 year old's to get younger to better get my franchise in the same direction but couldn't find anything that fit. So i tried the opposite. Trade the youngin's for guys to win now. Gonna promote all AAA guys. I'm back!"

The Stunners signed the 3rd 39 year old starting pitcher in former Cy Young winner and 200 game winner Bruce Dougherty. At this point in his career Dougherty looks to be a long reliever, helping to stabilize the bulllpen. But Dougherty wasn't the only former Cy Young pitcher that Flytekk signed, strike out queen Rod Young who is only 4 K's away from being the all time leader, hopes to give the Stunners a deeper rotation, likely being the clubs 3 or 4 starter. Alex Kelly was signed to be a setup reliever.

But we're not done with the Stunners yet.

They also went out and signed arguably the most coveted position player on the market this year in CF Delino Rodriguez, signing a $96,000,004 5 year deal. Rodriquez is a Gold Glover in CF and a potential 40/40 player.

Moving to the trade market, where Austin was one of two clubs who had dealt early and often. The club closed a deal with the Boston Sajoma for closer Keith Bold. In four seasons of mostly spot closing duties, Bold has 61 Saves in 83 opportunities. Austin also acquired future Ace Anibal Vazquez, veteran middle rotation starter, Merv Newman and another potential Ace in Morgan Flier.

While Boston gave up quite a talent, they got back some very solid prospects. Austin gave up many of their top prospects, including SS Pedro Cabeza, SP Dolf Christiansen, SP Julian Robbins, closer Cookie Suzuki, setup man Charles Pan and SP Charlie Clark. Completely restocking their farm system in a matter of minutes.

The Stunners also made a late deal with the Los Angeles Tempermental Samurai. Getting SS Rich Swann, IF Damian Howard and SP Ivan Lopez, who will battle for the 5th starter spot this spring.

The Samurai continued their trend of restocking their farm system, getting lefty starter Chacin Oliva, RP David Moss and COF Max Velazquez.

This is one of the many trades that Samurai GM zhawks has made this offseason, acquiring setup/closer prospect Dustin Kennedy  from the Nashville Knights for 1b Hank Jones who many may remember hit for the cycle last season. The club also got another bullpen arm in Merkin Long and C Norberto Callaspo from the Charlotte Available Franchise and saved over $32 million in salary for SP's Ricardo Blasco and Roger Reed. The Samurai also received IF prospect Connie Simpkins when they took on the salaries of Ryan Carr and Jimmie Lugo.

The Charlotte Available Franchise continued their go for it now strategy by paying Silver Slugger CF Johnny Powell $55.5 million over 5 years. The team also signed P's Orber Lee, Damion Black and Clay Wigginton who will battle for a rotation spot this spring. The club was also active in the trade market, adding more pitching depth with Andrew Dresden and Paul McLouth, along with the previously mentioned Ricardo Blasco and Roger Reed.

The Pittsburgh Pranksters added SP Howard Reagan and 2b Alejandro Liriano to a club that has won eight straight division titles and recently accepted a trade with LA for SS Tex Perez.

With the offseason winding down today and spring training just around the corner only time will tell which of these clubs made the best moves. While some may have been controversial moves, others were expected.

Play ball!

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